I love working with clients and helping them get to a place where they feel and look amazing.  If you want change and want to look and feel your best there are various ways I can help you achieve that.  It all depends on the support you need.

Whether this be intensive 1:1coaching, in a group programme, or guided through weekly emails I've got your back and will help you to feel confident and loving your body.

Please get in touch for a FREE connection call and let's identify what you need. 

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I'm also provide Encouraging Healthy Eating Speaking Sessions as well as Corporate Challenges. Please email me for more details on these.


My 1:1 VIP Coaching is an intensive programme where you get to work directly with me. The programme will be personalised to your needs. We'll dig deep and identify your struggles and we will both agree on a plan of action.


I'll help you to:

✨Be free from restrictions and being dictated by the 'numbers'

✨ Feel confident and comfortable in your clothes

✨ Create your own rules when it comes to your 'diet'

 ✨Gain that incredible energy so you feel alive to live your best life

✨Ditch the fad diets that control your day and food decisions

✨ Love the body that you're in

My 1:1 VIP coaching all includes a 90 min first video session where I'll identify your struggles and agree the plan of action.  This will be followed by weekly 60 minute video calls where you can share your progress and struggles and we can discuss your plan of action for the week ahead.

You have direct access to me via email or WhatsApp during the course of the coaching session to provide you with ongoing support, encouragement and accountability to transform your health. 

6 SESSIONS: Investment £997 (payment options available)

This includes 1 x 90 min video call plus 5 x 60 min video calls

10 SESSIONS: Investment £1,222 (payment options available)

This includes 1 x 90 min video call plus 9 x 60 min video calls 

Please message me for a connection call to identify if you are a good fit for my 1:1 VIP coaching




My 1:1 bespoke emails will allow you to gain my guidance via email on a weekly basis. Following a 30 minute connection call where I identify your struggles we will agree a plan of action.


You will receive:

✨ email support every week to keep you accountable and support your health goal

✨ recipes, encouragement, learning, and practices aligned to your overall goal

Although there are no video calls with this package,  you can provide me with an email update on your progress, which I'll incorporate into the following weeks email update.

6 WEEK PROGRAMME: Investment £199

30 minute connection call followed by weekly bespoke emails for 6 weeks.

10 WEEK PROGRAMME: Investment £249

30 minute connection call followed by weekly bespoke emails for 10 weeks

Send me an email if you would like to learn more about the 1:1 Bespoke Email Programme


I run various group online programmes throughout the year. Please drop me an email if you wish to enquire about the latest online group programme